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This is the aquaponics system that I maintain at work (which is not affiliated with my studies at UGA). Unfortunately I inherited it this way. When they built it, they didn’t integrate a good system for removing solid wastes and as a result the water looks like shit (literally) and the grow beds are clogged with gunk.

I’ve been trying to get it back on track by cleaning some filter pads I’ve added and siphoning out some shit from the bottom of that tank with a shop vac (no kidding). But according to my boss we are going to tear it down some time in the near future and put in something better.

Currently they are growing peppers, basil, and another plant (name is escaping me). The fish are tilapia. The tank is about 200 gallons.

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So I think I finally got the farting noise to stop. I dug the gravel out from around the air stone whereas it used to be embedded in gravel. Now it just makes large bubbles without the associated farting noise. So glad I was able to make it stop because my boyfriend is coming to visit me this weekend, and he would not have found it as funny as I do.

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I’m a sucker for any of the prehistoric-looking animals. I refuse to say “primitive,” because that implies that they are somehow less evolved. They’re not. They’ve just reached a really successful point in their evolutionary history and have persisted as such. What the future holds for these guys, we can only project and guess.

AHHHHHHH!!! Baby sturgeon!!!!!!!!

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